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At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them


From Dry Sandford                                                            From Wootton

F.B. Fairbrother                                                                   A. Baker           

C.G. Mitford Slade                                                               F. Clifton   

L.C. Winter                                                                          H. Finch

A.J. Ashfield                                                                        C. Griffin 

P.R. Radbourne                                                                   A. Shepherd

K. King                                                                                 H. Minns      

G.P. King                                                                             G. Winterbourne

H.J. Barnett

T. Green

T. Gosling 



J. Amphlett                                                                           R.C. Thompson

H. Latkin-Berry                                                                     R.C. Thompson  

R.H. Bland                                                                            C. Duntan    

W.F. Butler                                                                            J. Enticott

A.M.D. Carr                                                                          A.Gibson            

P.A. Chamier                                                                         B. Gooden

J.A. Champ                                                                           L. Hoborough

S.G. Eden                                                                             A. Long    

C de C Findlay                                                                      J. Robertson       

H. Gower                                                                              N. Waterhouse

D.G. Hamilton                                                                       R. Winterbourne  

W.D.C. Hardie

D.L. Holt                                                      

C.E. Jackson

F.H. Martin-Atkins

R.J. Martin

R.A. de Piro

A.S.W. Prideau

K.H.N. Rumbo

P.A. Sandgord

D.J.O. Shuldham

A.A.G. Smith

W.R. Webb

The following airmen were killed when their Handley page Hampden crashed whilst trying to make a landing at Abingdon, demolishing the church wall. 26 March 1942.


Pilot Officer D.E. Vipond

Sergeant H. Phalempin

Sergeant G.A. Medd

Sergeant E.V. Conwell survived this crash but was killed on 19 June 1942.